Ahmad Alawwir

About me

Ahmad Alawwir

Web developer

I started my career as a web developer in 2021 and still working.


I work as a freelancer for individuals and companies.


Arabic, English and Swedish.

Some basic information

My name is Ahmad Alawwir and I come from Hama City in the middle of Syria.
I am a web developer, studied computing and IT, at The Open University in UK.
I live in Sweden , married and have a lovely daughter ”Karama Alawwir / May 2021”
I love programming, drawing, music, swimming and watching anime.

What can I help you with?

I am the go-to destination for all your website needs. From custom designs
to hosting and maintenance, I take care of it all. 
As a web developer I will help you create, launch and maintain the website that meets your business needs Let me help you make your online presence truly shine.


Coming Soon!

Frequently asked questions

If you would like to ask me anything you can visit this link:

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